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30% of the price of the ticket for all flights of kilometers or less. What you're entitled to. 1. Right to care. If you're involuntarily denied boarding. Amount of Compensation (if eligible) · Final destination within km: EUR (delay of over 2 hours); · Final destination within the EU/EEA of more than Sometimes flights get cancelled because of technical problems, other times - because of natural disasters, and there are many more reasons why flights get.

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Downgrading · of up to 1, km, the compensation is 30% of the ticket price paid per segment · between 1, and 3, km and for flights of more than 1, km. Cancelled flight: request reimbursement and compensation · € for flights up to kilometers, · € for flights between 15km, · € beyond The levels of compensation are specified as follows: EUR for flights of km or less. EUR for flights within the EU of more than km and for all.

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Under Regulation (most often known as EU ), passengers are entitled to compensation for cancelled flights or flights that are delayed more than 3. If your flight is delayed, EU law may entitle you to care and assistance during the delay (which means food, drink and accommodation). According to EU Regulation /, air passengers are entitled to compensation between € and €. Passengers can claim compensation for flight.