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Copper helix commercial quartz tubes produce a healthy far infrared heat like an infrared sauna · Increases heating efficiency with less electricity · Great for. EDEN PURE GEN 2 HEATER * Heats up to 1, sq. ft. Electronic Thermostat: Range 60 degree - 90 degree * Overheat Protection and tip-over safety shutoff. The SpaceSAVER PTC by EdenPURE helps you save by giving you the power to heat only rooms that actually get used. Because this heater is less than 20 lbs.

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Our product platforms include FUSION for heating and electrical studies, POSEIDON for liquid and electrochemistry studies and ATMOSPHERE for heating and gas. LifeSmart HH Watt Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Space Heater for Indoor Use with 4 Heating Elements and Remote Control, Brown Oak Wood. According to their specifications, they use watts per hour (that's kilowatt hours for every hour). If the heater runs eight hours while you are home.

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15 votes, 14 comments. I live in a top floor un-insulated college apartment in Syracuse NY with electric baseboard heating. My mom has a Eden Pure. Baseboard or wall heaters can come in handy during cold nights when you need extra heating or when you want to save on energy bills by only heating a. Bi-Rite Home Appliances Eden | Location: Princess Highway, Eden, NSW, | Ph: 02